Residential Pest Control


Our service covers most areas in the South Island, and we are generally in your area every 4 - 6 weeks.

Our Qualified Pest Control Specialists provide a fast efficient service to treat or prevent a wide range of infestations.


Spiders And Flies

Our most popular domestic treatment is an inside and outside spray to treat for flies, spiders and other bugs. It is a contact spray, that will coat your home and surfaces.  We will provide you with a written guarantee with this treatment, which covers you for 3 months on the inside and 6 months on the outside.


The best way to eliminate ants is to apply a barrier product to the outside of your home which is undetectable to the ants as they carry it back to the nest to infect the colony.  You could have more than one colony in or around your property, so this treatment offers the best chance of transfer.  We also treat path and garden edges in close proximity to the house, and any ant trails that we find, plus upright posts such as carports and gazebos. We will also do spot treatments in affected areas inside your home, usually the kitchen, and if needed cracks or crevices that may be an entranceway for ants. Finally we blow our dust through the air vents at the bottom of the house. In extreme cases, we can also do a full interior spray, and/or dust the ceiling cavity. Our FULL intensive ant treatment is guaranteed for 3 months, and we recommend you have this treatment done every 6 months.  


Our treatment will kill any live fleas but do not always eradicate unhatched eggs, so a second treatment after 6 weeks may be necessary.


We offer baited mice or rat tamper-proof bait stations.  Our Pest Control Specialist will determine how many stations are needed on the day. You then have the choice of us providing follow up visits to check and rebait the stations, or we can leave you the key to maintain yourself.  Rat stations are approximately the size of a shoe box, and mice stations are approximately the size of two cigarette packets.  

Cluster Flies

These pests are becoming more and more predominant in our rural areas and as their name indicates, they amass in large numbers in your homes and sheds in the Autumn as the temperature starts to drop.  They generally live in your roof space, so we apply a dusting powder in your ceiling cavity to help keep your outbreak at bay.  As long as there is powder in the cavity, the flies will die but this will NOT eradicate them completely. This treatment is also extremely effective on White Tail spiders.

White Tail Spiders

A full white tail treatment requires spraying both the inside and outside of your home, as well as our dust treatment in the ceiling cavity. We provide a 3 month guarantee for the inside and 6 month guarantee for the outside with a FULL white tail treatment.


In the instance of borer, there are two different treatment options, and the best form of treatment can only be decided by a visit from our sprayer who will discuss the problem and treatments with you.

Bed Bugs

Once identified, this problem needs to be treated immediately. We use various methods in controlling them as each case is different. Please contact us as soon as you can.

Wasps and Bees

As long as we can locate the nest or hive, we can apply a dusting powder that will eliminate them.  The best time to treat and locate is late afternoon, early evening when they are returning to the nest. 


Our services are not limited to the above examples.

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Bed Bugs