29th of May, 2018

Our phones are ringing OF THE HOOK with rodent enquiries at the moment!! 

Rats and mice are a real problem for almost everyone this season, causing sleepless nights, food contamination, and damage to properties.
Our trained technicians are available to come to your home and set up bait stations to help keep these invaders under control.
Our bookings are filling up extremely quickly so if rodents are an issue for you, please call us on 0800 737 870.

Some properties are invaded in autumn every year as rats and mice seek shelter in cooler weather.  Others may be invaded when nearby areas are developed.

Please follow these simple guidelines to ensure you are keeping your home as pest free as possible.

•          General household hygiene, is an important factor in rodent control ie. keeping food in sealed rodent proof containers, putting rubbish in bins, and minimising clutter.

•          The house should be inspected for potential entry points, concentrating on gaps in the wall, such as weep holes, doors and windows and penetrations for plumbing and electrical services. Block these entry points or place stations close by.

•           Rodents tend to gravitate towards warm air currents or where food odours emerge, so place bait stations close to these areas as well as around entry doors.

•          Pet food is a major attraction for rodents.  Ensure that all pet food is never left outside overnight and by storing in metal containers.

•          Trim all tree branches away from the house.  Remove ivy and trellises from walls.

•          Do not store timber or debris adjacent to the house.

•          Repair leaky taps and remove other water sources.

•          Regularly check your bait, fresh is best.


Please remember to use gloves when handling bait or rodent carcasses.

Bait stations are reusable, so please contact us for more bait blocks when needed.


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